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At the core of dynamic teams and compelling brand messaging is coherence.


When teams find their common commitment to a purpose and respect the different ways each individual orients to that purpose, a sense of coherence can emerge.


When leaders and teams do the deeper work of finding a coherent message of shared values, purpose and identity in the world, marketing communications resonate in all channels.


We’ve spent the past 25 years as leaders in the world of strategic communications. We have crafted brochures, websites, annual reports, social media, videos and advertising as part of integrated campaigns for associations, nonprofits, governments, healthcare and education.


We have been coaches, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. We've worked locally and globally.


Several years ago, we found the common denominator for success in our campaigns.


We learned that the single biggest factor in predicting the success of marketing communications was a shared understanding of a coherent message — from top to bottom and from inside to outside.


Our passion is to share the tools that we have developed for creating coherence in your brand and within your team.







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Judy Smith Asbury


Greg Asbury



I am inspired when a group of committed individuals finds true alignment and a sense of coherence.


The process is not an easy one. Several skills must be present: mutual respect, deep listening, dialogue and mindfulness. But there is no greater power than a committed group of individuals united around a single purpose.


When I work with a team, I am focused on facilitating its members’ discovery of a true alignment on their shared purpose. We work together to authentically define their core essence, which can be used to describe a mission, a vision and/or a purpose or strategy.


My most rewarding moment comes when all individuals see one another as essential parts of the whole and become inspired by each other and by their shared commitment and power.






When leaders have a vision to create something that does not exist, it often requires empowering a team and a community to make that vision a reality.


This ability to empower and engage others does not always come automatically to a dynamic, visionary leader. Rather, it is a learned trait and is a conscious decision to understand and focus on the varying perspectives and needs of each constituent.


My work concentrates on the individual leader, facilitating his or her natural energy orientation and awakening their innate ability to achieve more than they can imagine.


I am inspired when powerful leaders learn how they can be lightning rods for their employees, stakeholders and for their communities.



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  • Smith Asbury generated coherence on messaging and alignment within teams in two major projects. We facilitated a process to co-create a mission and identity for the Humanities & Social Sciences Division within the Institute, known world-wide for its breakthrough science and technology. This identity was essential to future fundraising and awareness efforts for the Division.


    For over a year, we served as a consultant to the Assistant Vice President of the strategic communications division. Judy oversaw their media relations function, introducing best practices and facilitating a better integration of media relations with the rest of the communications units. The work resulted in a sense of mutual respect of all the team members, better workflow and integration, and strategically targeted media coverage of faculty research. 

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  • Smith Asbury was asked by the President to evaluate university communication needs and create a unified centralized communications office.  In a multi-phased process, we facilitated a team of university leaders to create a vision of one centralized communication unit. 

    Once leaders had aligned on a structure, we integrated the separate communication teams of PR and Marketing, under Advancement and Enrollment Management respectively, to come together as the Office of Strategic Communications.  Our process assisted the new communications team to create their mission and embrace each other as partners in achieving that mission.

    The result is a central communications unit that has strong leadership and a greater ability to integrate all the communications (social, digital, print, PR, advertising). They are now a valued partner by university advancement, deans of the colleges and administration. 

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  • Smith Asbury principals were appointed by the President of the 63rd United Nations General Assembly as Senior Advisors to assist in conveying his main message of nonviolence. Fr. Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann saw his year as president as an opportunity to inspire others around the world to nonviolent action and tasked us to devise a plan to engage others with this message.

    We created the concept and formation of the Alliance of Non-Violence and Humanity. We also provided strategic communications advice working with the UN cabinet and staff to support and promote his agenda of reconciliation and non-violence.

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    Smith Asbury provided counsel and communications for AICC for many years. Greg has been a member of the Board of Directors and since 1993 served as president of the AICC West Coast.

    Smith Asbury led events and outreach of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, providing networking activities and bringing key elected officials and ministers to meet with business members of the council.

    Many trade initiatives and business opportunities exist today because the deep relationships and connections that we brought to the association.

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    Smith Asbury was a vital force in building community support for stadium renovations and presenting winning bid proposals to the NFL owners and FIFA leadership for the SuperBowl and World Cup events, respectively.


    We led the effort to generate alignment from cities, government agencies, businesses and nonprofits for the unified presentation. It was this collective effort that persuaded NFL and FIFA leaders to choose the Rose Bowl when several previous presentations had failed.

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    After the devastating SE Asia tsunami, Greg Asbury co-founded Sustain Sumatra to create jobs and long-term benefits for local Indonesians through direct trade.

    The initiative required new cross-cultural alliances and communications and was the only private sector initiative in the region. It completely transformed the paradigm of trade by building consumer awareness in the US to increase revenues and direct trade relationships.

    Former President Bill Clinton commented, “I was pleased to learn of the "Sustain Sumatra” initiative, providing practical means for the business community and consumers to contribute to the tremendous reconstruction challenges facing the people of Sumatra… in addition, achieving strong results through the program could provide a model for private-sector cooperation in the wake of future major disasters”

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  • Britney Spears needed to connect with her audience in a new way when she launched her Onyx Hotel World Tour. A new text messaging company, Mocca, conceived, funded, and developed by Smith Asbury was the answer. Mocca was first in the world to provide two-way text messaging in over 12 countries across carriers before the emergence of large companies such as Twitter. Mocca achieved world wide visibility as the official tour sponsor for Britney Spears who reached the number 1 Internet search during that year.
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  • Smith Asbury created a world-wide awareness program for the Ministry of Tourism and (current) President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.  The program leveraged the visibility from award winning entries in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Strategically this project supported messages for Tourism, Trade, and the developing areas of Indonesia.

    During the multi-year engagement, floats representing various regions of Indonesia were seen annually by over 1 million visitors and 400 million television viewers and promoted the archipelago of Indonesia.

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  • The largest public private health care provider in Southern California for low income Angelenos, QueensCare sought strategic communications counsel from Smith Asbury for over a decade.

    Supporting the agency with brand identity, public relations, print and digital communications, Smith Asbury raised visibility and managed the reputation for the organization now seen as a model of low-income healthcare. 

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  • A major trade association with one of the top fifty trade shows in the nation, Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) engaged Smith Asbury for communications campaigns to build positive reputation, increase membership and increase participation in the trade show for over ten years.

    Among the many award winning communication initiatives created by Smith Asbury is the national design contest that launched AWFS as a leader in industry education. Smith Asbury authored and published the award winning book series: fresh wood to support the contest. The series of books continue to be an invaluable tool in promoting high school and college level vocational education for future woodworkers.

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  • The University of Redlands sought expert advice regarding their communications division.  Judy was part of a 3-member peer review team to advise the Board of Trustees and new president on issues surrounding the positioning of the university for increasing visibility and donor awareness.

    The recommendations of the team were highly valued by the leadership of the university, and resulted in changes for a stronger division.

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  • Major building initiatives of Stanford Athletics facilities were led and overseen by Greg for nearly a decade.  He worked with large donors, city planners and University leaders to overcome barriers and provide state of the art facilities. He led the operations of SuperBowl XIX and the 23rd Olympic Football venue which hosted 425,000 fans.

    Smith Asbury was also retained to consult on creating alignment and customer service for its major event operations based upon systems developed during years of organizing and managing world events.

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Public relations professionals, and particularly consultants, rarely see the long term affects of their work. I engage deeply in a project, and when it’s complete, I let it go to embrace the next.


Occasionally, I get to see the fruit it bears. This time the fruit was $115 million...

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