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Judy Smith Asbury

a facilitator and strategic communications expert.


Judy builds a sense of coherence and alignment for communications and teams within organizations, defining the purpose, core key message, mission and vision. This alignment is essential to effective marketing communications and is also a key component of effective teams.


Judy has led Smith Asbury Inc., an award-winning communications agency for more than 20 years and is recognized for her counsel and creative campaigns for a variety of clients from higher education to nonprofits and business.

She works with visionary leaders, assisting them in communicating their ideas. Her success at working within an organization to integrate the perspective of others as well as the leader’s vision is key to forming a shared understanding of the vision and mission that all can embrace.


Her recent work in higher education reflects the challenges that major change forces institutions and their leaders to confront. She has served a variety of institutions including the University of La Verne, Caltech, USC and the University of Redlands.  At times she has served as an embedded consultant to better understand the nuances of a team and integrate lasting change.

She has served as a guest lecturer at the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University and at Woodbury University.





 •   Communications unit reorganization:      recommended and, in some cases, assisted in implementing a reorganization of institutions’ communication units to solve longstanding issues that had hampered their ability to be effective with their communications.


•   Core essence identified:    Conducted focus groups and interviews to determine key messages of an institution’s core essence (pre-brand development); led a diverse interdisciplinary faculty group through a process of developing a mission statement and an identity.


•   Team building:      Facilitated alignment between dissenting groups that needed to work together as one efficient team.


Greg A. Asbury

 a business leader, known for his creative vision

Greg has been in the trenches as a CEO for many organizations, from nonprofits to tech start-ups, launching and guiding successful entrepreneurial ventures over the past 35 years. His companies span a range of interests from sports marketing to manufacturing to international business, all with a common thread of creativity and innovation that answer needs in an ever-changing marketplace.


His ability to envision and to make those visions a reality resulted in an $800 million windfall for the Los Angeles region from hosting the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup. His international experience advising heads of state in Southeast Asia and Central America have created innovative sustainable initiatives that resulted in job creation and long-term local benefits. As senior advisor to the President of the UN, he devised communication strategies and tactics for the president's agenda of non-violence.


As a communications expert and CEO, he also steered Smith Asbury into the new communications channel of text messaging. The result was Mocca Llc., which created an advanced messaging platform that was functional in 12 countries long before Twitter and other social media appeared in the United States.


Trained as an engineer and an award-winning designer, Greg quickly found his power as a visionary leader, proposing maverick ideas and honing his ability to attract others to the possibilities he saw. He has authored, designed, edited and published several award-winning books.


He is a student of indigenous-wisdom practices from Asia and South America, and brings those insights to the business world in an engaging and provocative way for leaders.


Greg is the co-founder of The Conscious Leadership Center, which provides coaching, facilitation and ongoing programs for leaders and organizations in cutting-edge organizational practices to adapt and succeed in our fast-changing world of global business.



Coherent communications link messages with audiences in a way that provokes, informs and calls for action. Smith Asbury created a boutique publishing house to make gorgeous, award-winning books for our clients and our passions. Whether it was to provide visibility for a national design contest, a companion book for a popular PBS series or to endow a fund for children living in the Andes, these books are potent vehicles for communicating.




RainForest to Flowers


is a PRSA Bronze Anvil award-winning book that created international awareness for a newly emerging National Flower Gardens in Southeast Asia.



fresh wood

is a multivolume series showcasing emerging designers of wood furniture. Smith Asbury created a national design contest for a trade association client, and fresh wood was the vehicle to showcase the contest and position the association as a leader in woodworking education.


Chakra Gardens Opening the Senses of the Soul

was photographed, edited, designed and published by Smith Asbury to bring worldwide attention to beautiful landscapes and culture in South America. Proceeds from sales endow a fund for Andean children.


The book was awarded an IPPY Gold medal, Writer's Daily Gold and the Nautilus Gold in a competition of more than 4,500 published entries.


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